Birmingham Quran Academy  

                                                 Preserving the art of recitation   

Tayyab Hussein 

10 Year Old Tayyab Hussein Recites Mujawwad Style Surah Rahman.

Mujawwad style recitation (made famous by Shaikh Abdul Basit and Shaikh Mustafa Ismaeel) is one of the most difficult art forms of recitation. It involves voice control, a strong voice, long breath as well as the requirements of good tajweed and pronounciation. Birmingham Qur'an Academy student Tayyab Hussain opened Iftar at the Bahu Trust during Ramadhan in front of family and friends with this beautiful and skilfull recitation, showing that he has potential to become a strong mujawwad reciter. Tayyab is doing tahfeez of the Holy Qur'an and has completed 4 juzz. May Allah grant him tawfeeq to be a full Hafiz and Qari of the Qur'an and to teach it further. Ameen 

His tahfeez teacher at the BQA is Shaikh Ridwan and his inspiration for mujawwad recitation at the BQA are Shaikh Nadi and Shaikh Daoodi.


This is Zayd who is aged 8 and spent 5 months at the Birmingham Qur'an Academy working on... his qaaida. He has just finished his qaaida and has spent a few days on his first page of the Qur'an. Up until this stage his teacher, Shaikh Abdullah Sadat (one of our strongest qaaida teachers) has also taken care to correct and work on Zayd's makharij as a priority. Now that his makharij are strong the next stage is now to work on his fluency of reading and application of the ahkaam rules.


11 year old Ibrahim honoured his mother with the most cherished gift a mother could want from her son. Ibrahim recited out aloud one Juzz in 2 rakat at the Birmingham Qur'an Academy in front of his mother, the first time she has ever heard him recite his Qur'an in salah and hear how beautifully he recites the Qur'an. No doubt it brought tears of joy to her eyes. What a beautiful gift a son can give to his mother and the best gift we as parents can leave with our children before we leave this world. All that we possessed will be gone and lost when we leave this world - except the good works our children do in our absence to continue on our legacy. Are you leaving behind a legacy?.

May Allah bless Ibrahim, his family and his Ustadh, Hafiz Ridwan who is an exceptional hifz mentor who at such a young age has chosen to impart the Qur'an to so many hifz students. May Allah honour the students, the teachers and all of the Ahul Qur'an and make it a blessing for us in this life and the hereafter.

A Group Nasheed

Beautiful Nasheed By BQA Students On Rasoolullah - Awesome.

The art of Qur'anic recitation encourages us to develop and beautify our voices and that's exactly what these students have been doing in their Qu'ran recitation and now in their nasheeds. This is an awesome nasheed perfomed by our students two weeks ago.

We are in the process of forming our own BQA nasheed group in collaboration with our English speaking students, our talented shayookh, Urdu and Arabic qasaa'id reciters and looking to release our own CD to promote our student's talent in the field of Qur'an recitation and nasheeds inshAllah. Watch this space for more inspirational work coming out of the BQA...


5 year old reciting ike his Egyptian Qur'an teacher!

5 year old Yusuf of the Birmingham Qur'an Academy is well on the way to becoming a Qari of the Qur'an. He has finished his kaida and is on his second juzz of the Qur'an. Yusuf always recites the Qur'an loudly in class and takes pride in his recitation. He is currently taught by Shaikh Naadi Hanafawi, one of our Egyptian Qaris. The love of the Qur'an instilled at an early age is the key to a strong spiritual and moral upbringing.

Here is Yusuf reciting and trying to imitate Shaikh Naadi.

Hassan Shah

Hassan Shah recited his last few lines in front of his teachers, family and hundreds of students of the Birmingham Qur'an Academy to finally become a hafiz of the Qur'an, alhamdulillah. The fifteen year old took 4 years to memorise the Qur'an. He was one of 2 huffaaz who completed their tahfeez this weekend. May Allah make the Qur'an a protection and waseela for him and his family in this life and the hereafter and grant him every success in his further studies. The task now begins to maintain his revision of the Qur'an and to gain his Ijaaza which he will start at the Academy inshAllah. He is also focusing on his GCSEs and wants to ensure he does well in his secular studies. We are really pleased that he prioritised his Qur'an and made a blessed start in his journey of seeking knowledge which will remain a life long pursuit but what an amazing way to ensure that you start your learning in life with the words of his Holy Book in your heart. May Allah grant him every success, and what an inspiration he is to all those around him. TaqabballAllah.

Bilal Noshahi

Is this the best Azaan by a British teenager?

Classes at the Birmingham Qur'an Academy bustle with spiritual energy every evening. The sound of Qur'anic recitation is everywhere. Come Maghrib time it feels as if everything is standing at a standstill as soon as hifz student, Bilal Noshahi, stands on the mike to belt out the most beautiful Azaan. For those of us that have visited the haramain our memories are rekindled and for our students the sounds of Bilal's Azaan make us feel so special and close to Allah. The vibe and energy studying with the Ahlul Qur'an will stay with you for life and the memory of the Azaan heard during childhood will resonate in a child's life forever.

Awais Muhammed

Awais has a very keen interest in reading and reciting. He's level of Tajweed is great and recites with great pride and dedication. 11 year old Awais recites Qur'an beautifully - inspiring.

Awais has a strong attachment with the Qur'an. He started at the Academy 2 years ago and since then has finished his recitation of the Qur'an by looking. He has also worked on tajweed courses and now takes pride in reciting the Qu'ran with ahkaam. He is now ready to work on his Ijaza programme in Qur'anic recitation.It is students like Awais who are our future. British students who have a strong connection with the Qur'an but who want to also do well at school and be a part of society. Uwais wants to go to University and be a professional but also wants to be a Qu'ran teacher in the spirit of the hadith of the Prophet "The best amongst you are those that learn the Qur'an and teach it (to others).

Our children should be encouraged to become professionals, doctors, lawyers, accountants etc but also Qaris of the Qur'an. This is the balance we need to achieve as parents and as institutes.

Uwais was ably taught by one of our strongest qiraa'ah teachers, Shaikh Shaukat Ali, who has an Ijaza in Riwaayat Hafs.

Ibrahim Fazil

 Six year old Ibrahim has just recited his first Qur'an passage with tajweed rules and we have put up his recitation to encourage parents to motivate their children with the recitation of the book of Allah. Ibrahim's favourite author is Roald Dahl but alongside his daily English reading books he always makes time to keep up with his Qur'an recitation and recently, his Qur'an memorisation. A daily rou...tine that starts with the recitation of the Qur'an will bring blessings and success to the students and the household in which they recite. Ibrahim has read 3 juzz by looking and has memorised 1.5 juzz. He attends the Birmingham Qur'an Academy where he has been taught by Shaikh Abdullah Sadat and Shaikh Naadi Hanafawi. He started from the very beginning at the Academy.

His parents and teachers both work in co-ordination so that he works on his Qur'an both at home and the masjid. Children whose hearts are fragranced with the Qur'an are children who will carry the promise of a better society when they become professionals yet teachers of the Qur'an, carrying on the legacy of sacred knowledge passed down to us from the divince source.

Here is Ibrahim reciting with Tajweed / ahkaam rules for the very first time. May Allah bless his family and teachers and make him a teacher of the Qur'an one day inshAllah.

Abdullah Akhtar

                             A twelve year Old's love of the Qur'an and it's blessings.

Abdullah Akhtar's interest in the Qur'an started off from a very young age after he listened to Qur'an recitation on the internet, taraweeh prayers and even the Qur'an CD that his father would play in the car when they travelled. It is the exposure that a child has to Qur'anic recitation that develops into an interest and aspiration that will then lead to a desire to learn. A home without Qur'anic recitation is home... where a child will probably not learn the value and importance of the Qur'an even if they are sent to the local masjid as children need to realise that the Qur'an is for life and for the home, not just the masjid. As parents, even if you cannot teach your child to recite, do whatever you can to develop their interests in the Qur'an whether its stories from the Qur'an, it teachings or playing a CD of Mishary Rashid for example. Parents must sow these seeds for it to grow and leave a legacy behind for them. Abdullah has always loved the Qur'an and you can tell this in his voice when he recites. May Allah bless his parents and family for their love of the Qur'an which they instilled in him, yet they were not Qur'an teachers. His journey here at the Birmingham Qur'an Academy was made easier due to their tarbiyya and input as well as his brilliant tahfeez teacher at the Birmingham Qur'an Academy, Hafiz Abid Ismail.

Abdullah has memorised 29 Juzz and will complete his final juzz next month when he will become hafiz of the Qur'an inshAllah - such is the blessings for those whose heart Allah opens up towards his blessed Book.

8 year old Zachariyya Shafi - with 6 Ijaazaats in Qur'an 

This is Zacharia Shafi, who is now aged 8 but who memorised the entire Qur'an aged 7, and by the time he reached the age of 8 obtained 7 Ijaazaats in Qur'an memorisation - nearly one for every year of his life! He has an Ijaaza in Hafs-an-Asim in Tariqa Shatabiyya from 5 different shayookh in Egypt and has 2 Ijaazas in memo...risation in Ibn Katheer. He is British, born and bred in the UK, non-Arab yet has achieved what even the brightest Arabs would struggle to achieve at adult level. His memorisation is so strong he could read the entire Qur'an word for word in one sitting and used to revise up to 8 Juzz a day while he was doing his hifz - a feat any adult hafiz would no doubt struggle to do. He has just returned from Egypt where he was approved by some of the highest level Qaris from whom he obtained his Ijaazaats from including the head Qari of Egypt, Shaikh Ahmad Eisa Al'Ma'saraawi.